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  • Bikers Against Road Rage at Grovers

    Bikers against road rage show

    Guess what’s coming? What a bill! Looks 2 Kill Back in Black Infinite Journey Texas Flood Walk This Way Hair Ballad All Stars and Take Flyte Band at Grover’s Grill & Bar April 25. Wristband gives you all day privileges, come out and support fallen bikers.

  • Dodge / Gas Monkey Commercial is OUT!

    dodge commercial

    We had to keep it under wraps, but we shot a commercial for Dodge / Gas Monkey a few weeks ago, and it’s finally been released. UPDATE:: Well Dodge made the video private finally, but we had a blast and wanted to thank Dodge and The Gas Monkey for hiring us to do the commercial.

  • Examiner Review of RBC Show

    Check out the killer review we received for Saturdays show in Deep Ellum at the RBC from Jill Jackson. “Looks 2 Kill led the enthusiastic crowd on a journey back in time with all of the Motley Crue hits that fans love. The lengthy set list included “Shout at the Devil”, “Looks That Kill”, “Same […]

About Looks 2 Kill

Looks 2 Kill is a premiere Motley Crue tribute band. Putting great emphasis on perfecting the Motley Crue live show, they have been coached professionally for the Motley Crue choreography, as well as have their outfits professionally made. Makeup, clothing, and stage props, including fog machines, strobes, and more, are from the Shout at the Devil era, and they have up to 3 hours of Motley Crue favorites, from Too Fast for Love, to Saints of Los Angeles.

Looks 2 Kill is the real deal. If you want a night of Motley Crue that is genuine, this is your band.

AZ (Vince)

Vince Neil Tribute

AZ is a powerful vocalist that has been belting out 80s hair metal music for years. He has the Vince Neil look and moves down, and captivates audiences with his charisma throughout the show.

Jerry (Nikki)

Nikki Sixx Tribute

Jerry has been playing 80s hair metal music for several years, with great emphasis on Motley Crue. When he walks into a venue dressed in leather, spikes and huge black hair, the crowd stops and knows that Nikki has arrived.

George (Mick)

Mick Mars Tribute

George is a guitarist with strong influences in blues and classical guitar. When he starts playing, the crowd can hear the sleazy sliding groove that Motley Crue is known for. He shreds out solos, and slides all over the neck, while maintaining the dark gothic looks of Mick Mars all night.

Terry Sims

Tommy Lee Tribute

Terry is a well known drummer, who has been playing since he was 7 years old. He brings the complete persona of Tommy Lee to the stage. Twirling, beating skins, and keeping the pounding beat going is his style.